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    We Indians are playing cricket here in Korea since KCA born officially. The club is made up of very “Social” cricketers. Some of played regularly over a long period of time other donned some cricket stuffs to run our team.

    For 5 years between 2007 ~ 2012 we were playing in the name of “Lions Indian”, since 2013 year we feel proud to play under IIK banner and that’s how the IIK Cricket Club come in play. Our first aim is to have fun , be inclusive of everyone who is Indian and interested in Cricket but at a same time we play quality and discipline cricket which lead us to be top few team in the KCA rank list.

    IIK CC currently participates in 2 competitions. One of them is GCL( Gyeonggi Cricket League ) organized by KCA . GCL is a 20 overs competition played in SKKU university ground every alternative Sunday. The league is comprised with 12 teams mainly from Seoul and Suwon area and very competitive and we look forward to win the title in the coming future.

    The other league is KCA Super Six Tournament. This is the shortest format of the game. Played with 6 players each team with the over limit of 6. We also play friendly game within us very often either in Seoul National Ground or other available places.

    Team Selection Policy for various competitions:

    1. GCL league games : the best available team plays. This team will be picked by a 3~4 person selection panel who will choose the team based on who they think will be competitive against the opposition in that game. Current form, your role as a cricketer( eg spinner/opener/wicket keeper, etc), your form the last time we played that side, how you are performing at training, are just some, but not all, of the ways the panel will choose the team.

    2. KCA Super Six : the best available fit to the format of the game will be the main criteria. As Super Six tournament is totally different format , every players should bowl and bat well. So only all-rounder players will get the first chance excluding keeper as he dosnt need to bowl.

    3. Friendly Games : First priority goes to people who have been available for league game and may have missed out.

    4. Fun type game : The main purpose of this kind of tournament is to have fun. So to have more fun we make a balance teams with all available player. So no such strict rules for team selection.

    Who can join and how to Join in IIKCC

    Anyone from India who knows how to play cricket can be part of IIKC team selection process. If he is compatible enough and suitable for IIK CC team would be always welcome.
    Contact person:
    Kuldeep Kasana ( email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ): Team Manager
    Maidul Islam ( email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ): Team Manager
    Dwarkaprasad Dayama ( email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ): Board of Director

  • About Korea Cricket Association(KCA)

    History of Cricket in Korea

    Cricket was brought to Korea in the 1980s and a domestic league competition was set up in the early 1990s.It has always revolved around Sungyungkwan University near Suwon. This is where games are played and the Korean players are students from this university, where cricket is officially recognised on the Sports Science program.

    The Korea Cricket Association (KCA) became an Affiliate Member of the ICC in 2001.

    International competition

    Korea's first overseas tour to Japan saw the players take on a number of university teams. Representative teams from Korea have also participated in regional competitions, such as the Shanghai Sixes, before 2000. This is something the KCA committee would like to re-establish.

    Domestic competition

    There are 12 teams that compete in the KCA Adidas League Cup. This follows a 20-over format and each team plays the others once over the season. The top four teams then go into a play-off with a semi-final and final.

    Development program

    At university level, the improvement of coaching and facilities within Sungkyunkwan University will improve playing standards and hopefully attract more students into the SKU Cricket Club. The KCA is then looking to expand operations at university level, initially through indoor cricket.

    Through the ICC EAP State Province Partnership Program, the KCA, in conjunction with Cricket Victoria, have been able to run several coaching courses, with more planned for the near future.

    Its only international appearance to date was in the ICC East Asia-Pacific 8's tournament in Perth, Western Australia in 2002, where it came fourth in a tournament that also involved Japan, Indonesia and an Australian Aborigines team